Our Process

Professional service from beginning to end

Your satisfaction is our concern at all times. After you contact us for your FREE no obligation quote, owner Anthony Van Kooten will meet with you to discuss your roofing concerns & material options. After you have reviewed your written quotation package, we will  finalize the cost, schedule and material selection.

  • Conscientious work from prep to clean up
  • Your home is our first concern.
  • Protective tarps and plywood are placed to protect your home and property.
  • Existing shingles are removed and the deck is checked for rot, mold or damage. Rotting or damaged portions are replaced.
  • Eaves troughs and deck are cleared of debris.
  • Checks are performed for proper, adequate attic ventilation.
  • Ice & water shield is installed on the bottom three feet of the roof deck, around skylights and chimneys, and in all valleys. The entire roof deck is covered for low-slope roofs.
  • Felt underlay goes over the entire roof deck if the pitch is less than 8/12.
  • Metal valleys and flashing are installed.
  • Vents, ridge capping and new shingles are installed.
  • Fallen debris is cleaned up. Garbage is removed.
  • Nails are cleaned up with a magnetic sweeper.
  • A final inspection ensures that everything has been cleaned and put back where it was before the crew arrived.


VK Roofing has built a solid reputation as a roofing contractor throughout Georgetown, Milton, Brampton, Caledon, Bolton, Acton and Mississauga.

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