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Attic insulation in a home

Signs Your Acton Home Requires Insulation Replacement 

When your attic insulation is functioning as it should, it will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, many homes in Acton are not adequately insulated or have had insulation disrupted over the years. The following are some signs that indicate you might need an upgrade:

Higher utility bills: Vnadequate insulation will not control airflow as it should which will force HVAC equipment to work harder and consume more energy.

Fluctuating temperature: Varying temperatures throughout the home can be an indicator that attic insulation has decreased.

Drafty Home: Unusual air movement in the living space of your home can be a sign that air is not sealed within the attic space.

Icicles and Ice Damming: when attic insulation fails to keep the heat contained in the wintertime, it will escape and heat the snow. This snow will turn to water and then refreeze on your gutters forming icicles or, more concerning, ice dams.

Mould Growth/Moisture Issues: Mould in your attic can be a sign that cooler and warmer air is mixing creating moisture. If attic insulation is installed correctly, along with proper ventilation, cold and warm air should not mix and moisture will not build up.

Your Acton home needs attic insulation protection that meets current standards.

Upgrade insulation to the current Ontario Building Code levels of R60 in your home to ensure that you:

  • save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs
  • prevent mould in your attic and improve the health of your home
  • increase the life of the roof deck & shingles
  • improve airflow in your home and improve your comfort

If your Acton home was built before the 2017 Ontario Building Code revisions and the insulation has not been upgraded since then, your home does not meet the current R-value standard of R60. Attic insulation is an important part of a safe and healthy roof system for your home.

VK Roofing is a trusted, experienced attic insulation contractor in Acton.

Proud Installer of Owens Corning products - AttiCat expanding blown in insulation systemWe are proud to be a certified Owens Corning insulation installer serving Acton. We use AttiCat, Canada’s #1 insulation brand, from Owens Corning.

Our attic insulation installation process is carefully done with attention to every detail. We pride ourselves on being conscientious about our work:

  • Care for your home is important to us. We treat it as if it were our own home.
  • Drop sheets are placed in any area where our workers will be working, to keep your home and property clean.
  • We pay careful attention to every detail, from initial preparation to final clean up
  • Attic space is prepared by removing any old, damaged or ineffective baffles, installing new ones where necessary.
  • All recessed lighting fixtures are protected with special fire rated covers.
  • We pay special attention to the attic hatch, with a weather strip seal and Styrofoam sheet insulation so there are no gaps, to minimize heat loss and drafts.
  • Gauges are installed to ensure an even depth of insulation is blown into the space, which ensures consistent insulation throughout.
  • Insulation is installed to bring your Acton home up to Ontario Building Code’s current standard of R60
  • Garbage is removed and we carefully vacuum any of our debris from your home.
  • A final inspection makes sure that the work space has been properly cleaned and everything has been put back where it belongs, just as if we were never there.

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